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Vzk'tk are a sapient species of hexaform giraffe-like creatures, and one of the two Vzk'tk Domain member species.


To human eyes, a Vzk'tk resembles a blue zebra-striped giraffe with arms. Their galactic reputation for stupidity is not completely unfair - they really are not the brightest bulbs around - but psychologically they are not entirely dissimilar to humans, forming close-knit (and large) families headed by a bonded adult couple. Vzk'tk do not, however, have a human's instinctive love of challenge and competition.



Vzk'tk are numerically the most populous species in the galaxy, and can be found anywhere, doing anything. They are shopkeepers, ship crew, dockworkers, technicians, administrative assistants, clerks, laborers and more, though they usually defer administrative roles to their "cousin" species the Rrrrtktktkp'ch, or to any other species they recognise as being "smarter" than themselves.

The shared language of the Vzk'tk and the Rrrrtk, "Domain", is generated as a rapid hail of clicks, coughs, glottal stops and choking noises in the back of their throats that is unpronounceable to all other species, and incomprehensible to most.