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Taking Back The Sky is the sixth chapter of The Deathworlders by /u/Hambone3110.


1y7m AV, the Alpha-of-Alphas leading the Swarm-of-swarms kills and tastes its first human, a cause for great celebration among the Hunters.

2y5m AV, Captain Rylee Jackson makes the first human designed FTL test flight, piloting Pandora. As Scotch Creek's staff celebrate the milestone in Kevin's newly established bar, Kevin helps Tremblay by talking with him about his divorce. After extracting another human refugee, Sanctuary's now-23 occupants (including Lewis Beverote) also receive the news of humanity's maiden FTL flight.

News of the test-flight soon reaches the Dominion council. Although most of the council delegates wish for the removal of the Sol containment field, Councillor Vedreg explains that the field's removal would put Earth at risk of attack by the Swarm-of-swarms and that the barrier should stay. It is decided that the information blackout around Earth is to be halted and that Gao should receive support for harboring human refugees.

Two months later, the first information broadcasts are transmitted to Earth from outside the field, including one from Kirk for Kevin. In the message, Kirk reveals that he supplied a Kevin with a better wormhole beacon than the one he tried to steal, how to use it to send Sanctuary's humans home, and about the Swarm of Swarms.

6.5: Jargon[]

Major Bartlett and Captain Nadeau discuss the their most recent research in their Scotch Creek office. As they talk, a simulation running on Bartlett's computer "turns green", suggesting some sort of major breakthrough (implied later to be the theoretical basis for the jump array).


  • Two of the scenes aboard Sanctuary were added in later revisions, including Lewis's introduction.
  • Most of the acronyms in 6.5 Jargon were revealed in the comments of the original reddit thread:
    • ERB: "Einstein-Rosen bridge" (a real acronym).
    • IBM: The company IBM (also a real acronym) however here referring to an IBM-built supercomputer.
    • ESF: "Electro-static fields", referring to the use of electricity to create static forces, i.e. forcefields, kinetic pulse weaponry etc.
    • ISD: Not revealed in the comments but presumably "Induced spacetime distortion", i.e. FTL travel, stasis etc.