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Run, Little Monster is the first true chapter of The Deathworlders. It was posted almost two years after the original short story, The Kevin Jenkins Experience and is set approximately five years later.


Terri Boone, a private investigator from San Diego, California, enters the bar of Kevin Jenkins, now working as a bartender again since his return to Earth. It is revealed that Terri has been hired by an unknown client who has asked her to track down 'genuine' alien abductees, giving her a headstart with Kevin's details and whereabouts. As they converse, Terri is initially highly sceptical of Kevin and is only somewhat satisfied by the implant removal scar on his temple.

Meanwhile, a Hunter raiding vessel descends upon Rogers Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia as a major televised ice hockey match takes place. As the alien invasion unfolds on the televisions in Kevin's bar, Terri and the other patrons are in initially horrified. Kevin however who has had experiences with Hunters in the past is unconcerned: as the Hunters exit their ship, it becomes apparent that their weaponry is no match for the hockey players. Kevin describes to a now rapt audience the Corti Planetary Classification System , explaining that Earth is significantly more dangerous than most sapience-bearing planets. Within only a short time, all of the Hunters have been killed (with the exception of one who flies the ship to safety) while the hockey players are all uninjured.


The title refers to the song "Little Monster" by Royal Blood. In the original version posted to /r/HFY, this is the song playing in the bar when Terri enters.