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Quarantine is the fourth chapter of The Deathworlders by /u/Hambone3110


The enclosure of the Sol system is immediately apparent on Earth due to the slight dimming of the stars. Aboard the Observatory, Kirk makes an impassioned speech condemning the enclosure before resigning as councillor. After purchasing a new ultra-fast ship, he makes his way to the planet Perfection, where he procures a list of all humans still outside the system field from notorious infobroker Vakno.

Meanwhile on Earth, Terri receives a call from her mysterious client, Mr. Johnson. He tells Terri that the convoy of abductees should head for Scotch Creek, before instructing her to return to her hometown of San Diego to begin a new contract.

At Scotch Creek, as Tremblay and Bartlett are discussing theoretical faster-than-light and stasis technologies, Kevin and the rest of the abductee convoy arrive.