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Cradle World of the Human Race, Earth is a high-end Class 12 deathworld that only narrowly escaped being ranked as Class 13 thanks to its low orbital eccentricity.

Also the home of the prehistoric V’Straki, before it was targeted by the Igraens at the conclusion of the Igraen/V'Straki war.

Gravity is 1.6 that of Galactic standard (9.8 m/s² in human measurements)

Currently protected by a impenetrable force field encompassing the solar system placed there by the Dominion as a cage meant to contain the human threat on the galaxy. Unfortunate for Humanity's foes there was a jump drive on an observation platform near Saturn, creating a gate for the humans.


Some sixty-five million years before Vancouver, the planet Earth - then known as "Strak'kel" - was home to the reptilian V'Straki race. At the conclusion of the Igraen/V'Straki war, Earth was impacted by a meteor, eradicating all signs of civilization. Millions of years later, the Human race developed, making Earth one of the only planets to ever evolve a sapient species twice.