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EMPTY BELL was an operation that took place in Egypt on Earth following Hierarchy activity aimed at trying to destabilize the Middle East through the use of nuclear weapons. It involved elements of the SOR, the CIA, and Special Operations Group Delta pitted against both Hierarchy and Cabal forces.

Commanded by MSG Roy Vinther, the operation was initiated based on contact from Cabal and former Hierarchy agent SIX. SIX collected Ava Ríos while she was on her way out of a house doing legitimate investigative journalism work. Robert Murray who was surveiling her noted that she "glitched", his word for an inexplicable jump 6 feet back the way she had come, and instant turn to a different direction. Ava was detained as well as her colleagues, Simon and Sean Harvey.

Based on her conversation with SIX, she was to meet him at a given location to talk. Ava (ASH), Murray (GUINNESS), Firth (LIGHTWEIGHT), Vinther (BARKEEP), Pavlopoulos (HANGOVER), Coombes (BOUNCER), Walsh (DRINKIN BUDDY) departed US Embassy Cairo, and dismounted at a mining camp some distance away. SIX had prior to the operation biodroned every adult in the village, observing that the children knew that something was amiss, and that their parents were no longer actually their parents.

ASH spoke with SIX alone in the small office trailer while the military forces and biodrones kept eye on one another. SIX wanted to know how she was connected to the Roller Derby Rink fiasco, how she survived San Diego, and how she was also present at the botched spaceport sabotage attempt on Cimbrean. In exchange he told her of a communications relay that would need to be compromised in an attempt to disrupt ONE when he was to be compiled.

Unknown to ASH, SIX was also performing a scan of her mind or conciousness with the intent of returning to Dataspace with it. Toward the end of the conversation with 0006, they were alerted to the approach of probably Hierarchy forces in a convoy of Toyota Hilux pickup trucks.

In the fight that ensued, the Hierarchy committed, and lost, its suspected lone remaining ship on Earth, as well as losing an unknown number of biodrones. Additionally an unknown number of the Cabal biodrones under 0006s control were lost. Finally, both BARKEEP and HANGOVER were KIA while dealing with the ship. Additional SOR assets including WARHORSE were deployed once the ship had been incapacitated, and final mop up and rescue of noncombatants could take place. SIX escaped to Dataspace along with the copy of ASH which would eventually spawn the Entity.

This operation also resulted in ASH being made privy to DEEP RELIC and brought her somewhat into the confidence of the CIA and re-established her contact with the SOR.