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A sapient species of diminutive gray-skinned humanoids with large, dark, almond-shaped eyes, bulbous heads and pointed ears. Instantly recognizable to any Human as the "Grays" of Roswell, Area 51 and UFO culture.

They were known for abducting specimens of a pre-Contact species, experimenting on them to acquire biological data, then using that information to be able to sell cybernetic technology to the newcomers that was appropriate to their biology the second they were welcomed into the galactic fold. Unethical, but the species as a whole could not be prosecuted for the actions of a few and so the sale of the implants went ahead anyway.


Their bulbous heads contain oversized brains as a result of a centuries-long eugenics program to expanded their intellect. Corti society status (see Corti banner system) is earned by producing new information, so each individual is focused on research and experiments.

Experiments on living beings are just one example of their lack of empathy, which may have been lost during the eugenics program.

Corti have incredibly quick minds, vast knowledge, and can quickly assimilate systems created by "inferior" species. Their ethics are virtually non-existent, as they focus on their own ambitions and self-preservation. They do not render services to others without payment (unless they are under dire threat.) When enlisted to help aliens, the depth of their expertise and their actions are priceless.

Notable individuals[]