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The code names used (mainly by the military) throughout the series, fall into two broad categories, namely Operations and Intel(sources). They are always written in FULL CAPS, just like call signs. Please note that while a person could have both a code name and a call sign, they are not the same thing. Code names are used when talking about a person, for compartmentalization reasons, while call signs are used to address a person. If the code name you're looking for does not appear in this list, consider checking Call signs or Abbreviations.


A short overview of the operation is given, as a refresher. For more detail, refer to its proper page.

  • CARDBOARD SCALPEL : The large scale plan to cleanse the Gaoians of Hierarchy influence.
  • EMPTY BELL : Operation in Egypt where Ava meets Six 10y4m1w4d AV.
  • GOLD BREES : The SNOWTOPS mission to covertly steal a system shield from a transport 12y1w4d AV.
  • GAMETIME-FOOTBALL-TOUCHDOWN: Genshi's operation to steal 3 system shields, disguised as an SOR anti-piracy raid 11y9m AV.
  • HOLLOW BIRD : Covert operation on Perfection to abduct crew of Negotiable Curiosity 10y4m1w3d AV.
  • NOVA HOUND : The Capitol Station Mission 10y0m0d AV.
  • SILENT ARCHER : Second JETS mission on Messier 24 to retrieve data from the Entity 13y11m AV.
  • SWORN BEACON : Unspecified Pre-SOR mission in Ukraine involving Akiyama and Sikes.
  • ZODIAC KEYHOLE : JETS Operation on Messier 24 to infiltrate the Hierarchy network 13y9m AV.


For lack of a better name, these code names describe everything that isn't an operation. These can be intel sources, intel packages or items retrieved from or required for, certain operations.

  • BAKER : Vedregnenug
  • BEEKEEPER : Martin Tremblay
  • BIG HOTEL : The Hierarchy or their drones/troops.
  • BLOWN ASH : The intel gained from Six in Egypt (also used to refer to Ava Rios by Kieran Mears)
  • DEEP RELIC : The secret intel on the Hierarchy and their operations
  • DISNEYLAND : Gao and its colonies.
  • FOOTBALL : A Guvnuragnaguvendrugun system shield.
  • GALACTIC VACCINE : The Coltainer Program, specifically the anti-Von Neumann function.
  • HEATHEN BUTTERFLY : Kevin Jenkins
  • RANDOM THRONE : Krrkktnkk a’ktnnzzik’tk or 'Kirk'
  • RECIEVER : Genshi (within the context of GAMETIME-FOOTBALL-TOUCHDOWN)
  • RIDLEY : The Hunters
  • SACRED STRANGER : Documentation on SOR capabilites and responsibilities.
  • STOLEN GHOST : Codename for Ava's digital copy 'Entity'.
  • YOGI : Daar