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A planet in the Far Reaches region, a no-man's-land of sorts between the Interspecies Dominion and the Celzi Alliance.

Cimbrean is a Class 4 temperate planet with a predictable daily weather cycle and little in the way of biome diversity. It was sold some time before the Vancouver Incident to a wealthy business-being who converted it into their own private retreat. 

The eventual fate of Cimbrean's owner is unknown, but the lavish palace they built was later claimed by Jennifer Delaney as her base of operations during her "Space Babe Pirate Queen" phase.

Delaney, having been born in Northern Ireland was a citizen of the United Kingdom, which used that fact to claim colonial rights over the planet and installed her as its first Governor-General, a role she quickly abdicated in favor of decorated British civil servant Sir Jeremy Sandy. Her only official act as Governor-General was to name the colonial city Folctha.

Since 15y6m AV, Cimbrean has been divided into the territories of Folctha (UK), Franklin (US), Nouveau Acadia (Canada), New Botany (Australia), Abeltown (New Zealand) and Tiritya Island (Clan of Females).


Pre-Formal Colonization[]

Little is known of Cimbrean's history prior to its colonization. Before the arrival of the Crew of the Zhadersil, Cimbrean was a private resort world upon which the "Cimbrean Palace" was situated, an ornate building featuring a large bath (later believed to be a Ciavel birthing retreat).[1] The Crew however found that it had been mysteriously abandoned, presumably due to the threat of Hunter attacks.

By 2y7m AV, Cimbrean had been established as the base of operations for the Crew's privateering efforts. Under Jennifer Delaney's leadership, the Crew achieved a near-total shutdown of Celzi trade, attracting the attention of several parties.The GRA, via Kirk and Darragh Houston, requested the use of Cimbrean as the first human colony with Jen as its governor. However they also attracted the ire of the Hierarchy, who attacked Cimbrean around 3y1m and destroyed the palace although Jen was offworld at the time. Numerous destroyed ships, both pirate and Hierarchy remained both in orbit and planetside.

Fleeing a Celzi ship, Jen returned to Cimbrean in an escape pod, having input the planet's coordinates before falling unconscious due to fire-suppressant poisoning. As a result, she landed on the opposite side of the planet and was required to make a months-long trek back to the palace. Upon arriving, Jen found her beloved bath still intact around the ruined palace and resolved to boil the water required to fill it by evening. Shortly after finishing however, Sanctuary arrived to begin setup of the colony with its occupants, Kirk and Julian, using their wormhole beacon to bring in a platoon of AEC servicemen lead by Captain Owen Powell. This lead to Jen's famous naked outburst on the palace's rear steps.

Jen names the city Folctha, and returns to Earth. The colony is officially announced, and colonists begin arriving for long-term settlement.

Ecological Disaster and Terraforming[]

Orbital surveys of Cimbrean shortly after the colony started to receive a serious flow of migrants revealed a large and spreading discoloration in the forests to Folctha's south-east, stretching right across the continent.

This turned out to be a trail of rot, infection and decay caused by the bacteria and fungi present in human fecal matter, deposited by Jennifer Delaney during her months-long trek through the woods after her escape pod landed on the wrong side of the planet.

Known officially as the "Terran Microbial Action Zone" and unofficially as "The Skidmark," this ecological calamity was already too widespread to be contained by the time it was discovered.

Aware that the disaster represented an apocalyptic event for Cimbrean, and that once the planet's native ecology had collapsed it would shortly become impossible to live there, the Folctha government and backers from Earth instead began an aggressive campaign to import Earthling species. This program has been wildly successful and the imported plant species are now not only thriving along the Microbial Action Zone, but also slowing its spread.

Nevertheless, the deathworld plants and animals brought from Earth are aggressively out-competing the native species. Most of Cimbrean's native life will inevitably go extinct, though some particularly hardy locals like the Cimbrean Tea Bush appear to be hanging on.

Notable Flora and Fauna[]


Cimbrean Tea Bush - Cimbreaner Simiscamellia delanii[]

Pinkwood Tree - Cimbreaner Rosearbor rosearbor[]


Wild Turkey - Terraner Meleagris gallopavo[]


  • Cimbrean and Jennifer Delaney were both originally created by Rantarian in the series "Salvage".
  • "Folctha" is the Gaeilge (Irish Gaelic) word for "Bath" and is pronounced "Folk-ha." It is unusual for Northern Irish citizens like Delaney to speak Gaeilge.
  • - '"That sounds a lot like a high class Ciavel Birthing Retreat," Askit mused.'
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