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Madilayn Madilayn 8 May 2019

Ava Rios - Not the Tease and Untrustworthy Woman

One of the big subplots of the Deathworlders series revolves around Adam Ares and Ava Rios.  They are introduced in about Chapter 10.  15/16 year olds – Adam is the son of San Diego Detective Gabriel Ares who was investigating a murder that involved Terri Boone. 

Gabriel gives his son advice on dating, and when Ava is pointed out to him, he advises Adam that he should ask her as Ava was very interested in him as well.

So – we have two mid teens and we are later given information that they are each others first romantic attachments.  They went to the same school – and probably didn’t know each other very well (in the manner of high school teens). 

Their first date was to the roller derby (and incidentally – it was the first – and really only t…

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