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An Eventful Month is the third chapter of The Deathworlders by /u/Hambone3110.


Terri Boone and Kevin Jenkins' roadtrip has snowballed into a large convoy of alien abductees. Terri finds herself unable to ignore that their experiences all corroborate each other's and takes special note of Hazel Naylor's notes and sketches.

Meanwhile in Canada, a new facility for extraterrestrial research has been established in the small town of Scotch Creek, BC. General Tremblay and one of the researchers, Captain Claude Nadeau, test a prototype of more powerful variations of kinetic pulse weaponry. Although they conclude that electrostatics are effectively worthless in weaponry, their research has yielded the secrets to other applications such as forcefields and advanced electronics.

Meanwhile at Capitol Station, Councillor Kirk is lamenting the political climate within the Interspecies Dominion when he receives an invite to Councillor Vedregnenug's private garden aboard the station. While discussing the rare Earth flora behind one of the containment fields, Vedreg reveals to Kirk that in a narrow vote, the entire Sol system has been quarantined using a system containment field.